Algebra II Unit 4: Quadratics Interactive Notebook

Unit 4: Quadratics

Page 33-34 LHP Wax paper parabolas stolen from Sarah Carter. Interesting to do but we never came back to directrix again. RHP I loved this super cute envelope and the idea of these flash cards- color coded even- but it's just sooo much information. It's really hard for students to keep all of these separate.

Page 35-36 All my factoring stuff comes from Sarah Carter. And the Zero Product Property came from Google.

Page 37-38 Giant plus or minus sign again comes from Sarah Carter.

Page 38-39 I think I created this myself but I'm not sure. I liked having students decide what form on the RHP before solving but again, this is a lot of information to cover and keep straight.

Page 41-42 I will always and forever teach completing the square geometrically, thanks to Mimi!

Page 43-44 I've been doing a discriminant sort for a couple years where students find the discriminant and then sort into three groups. This was the first year of me realizing the magic of having students find the discriminant first, then plug in their answer under the square root and do the rest of the quadratic formula. Somehow, there are way less arithmetic mistakes this way.

Here are the files:

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