Algebra I Unit 4: Systems Interactive Notebook

Unit 4: Systems

Page 35-36  LHP borrowed from Mrs. Hester and the right side is mine. The outside shows what the lines look like and the inside shows what the equations look like.

Page 37-38 I love this because it forces students to read directions and learn more about the calculator. They sketch the graph and write the solution as an ordered pair.

Page 39-40 I printed these in color for the students as well and we tried to match our work to the printed pages to get in the habit of the correct steps.

Page 41-42 came from here and I liked how it showed the two different methods with the steps out to the side.

Page 43-44 LHP I might have stole these from somewhere but I think I ended up changing them to my own so if they are yours, I apologize. These were great for sorting and matching because students couldn't just use the numbers in the problem since those same numbers were used in other problems. I think this is a great scaffold to actually writing the equations themselves. We wrote underneath the flaps for obvious reasons on the RHP.

Page 45-46 LHP is mine and the RHP page is a borrowed idea from @samjshah. Students used different colored markers to mark on a continuum which would be the best method and then explain why underneath.


Page 47-48 I thought I stole this from Sarah Carter but maybe I just modified her one-variable inequality idea. Either way, she gets the credit, I used the superman S as a reminder to write an S over the solution set and pick an ordered pair that is a solution. RHP I had them decide on solid or dotted before we did any solving to keep them from ignoring that part.

And here are the files:

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