I'm pretty frustrated right now. It's the second day of September and I feel like we are in March. The students are constantly complaining about doing work and trying to put in as little effort as possible. They hurry through activities in hopes that next we can do nothing. If they are working on problems within the last few minutes of the class period they stare at it, waiting for class to just be over.

After a three day weekend they were mad because "now Tuesday just feels like a regular Monday". Seriously?

I've been doing Talking Points on Tuesday and it is SUCH a disappointment. Because of the students, not the activity. I modeled it, explained it, and the directions are on the paper. It ultimately ends up with one student taking charge and asking if everyone agrees. They say yes or no and move on. It's like whatever group I am not standing next to does it like crap. I can't be standing by every group at the same time! Next week I am going to do it with the whole class as one big group and see if that helps.

Even students I've had for three years are acting like they don't know how I operate. They are really struggling with reading and following directions or just working independently. One of my best groups has me eighth hour this year and they just are NOT happy about it. They don't want to try, they don't want to think or discuss. And the absences! It's ridiculous how many students have been sick already. I think it will be a terrible winter if the first few weeks of school are annnnnyyyy indication.

I knew this year would be hard because I have twice the amount of students and preps but I did not expect this as well. It's exhausting. I am moving soooo slowly.

I don't want to end on such a negative note so I will share some positive things as well. The days go by super fast  and I've already established my cheerleading squad and student council for the year. Everyone loves my classroom decorations and the kids are in awe at the classroom ideas I've found on Pinterest. I'm using Engage NY for Algebra 1 and I'm really liking it so far. I feel like my INBs are going well.

That's all I got.


  1. Thank you for this honest posting. I've been feeling quite similarly and sometimes feel a little uninspired when a year starts off this way! I too am using EngageNY, but for my 8th grade CC math classes.
    I've always wanted to try INBs, but the work that's needed to create everything for our new curriculum has overshadowed my motivation to try them!
    Thanks for your wonderful blog and down-to-earth reflections!

    1. It's always nice to know you're not alone! How are you liking EngageNY?