Best Pencil Sharpener of All Time. Forever.

Introducing the best pencil sharpener of your life and the top 10 reasons why you should love it:

#10. It is super cute! I am not a pink kind of girl but they definitely did not have teal or lime green so I picked the next most fun color.

#9. The part that holds the shavings (does it have a name?) is clear so there is no mysterious guessing if it is full or not.

#8. It does not require electricity or batteries. It is operated by hand and therefore 10.7 times quieter than any other pencil sharpener in the world.

#7. It is mobile so it can be quietly passed around the classroom when needed. But it also comes with a mount so that you can attach it to a shelf if needed.

#6. It also works on colored pencils which is MAGNIFICAL for interactive notebooks.

#5. It is created and sold by an elementary teacher.

#4. It comes in 5 colors.

#3. They make one for larger pencils too.

#2. There is FREE shipping (and it's pretty quick shipping at that)!

And theeeeeeeeee #1 reason this is the best pencil sharpener of all time forever.......

#1. It sharpens EVERY pencil in the world to the sharpest point you've EVER seen EVERY time.

I am thoroughly impressed. 

Students stood in line to try it and come from other classrooms to use it. And I don't even care because I can talk OVER it. 

It's awesome. And you can get yours RIGHT NOW: http://www.classroomfriendlysupplies.com/

You can thank me later.


  1. I've been afraid to try colored pencils in mine! That is life changing! My students and I love it too!!

  2. Mine does not work for colored pencils. In fact, mine isn't working very well at all any more. The spring popped out and the mechanism that pulls the pencil in doesn't work any more. It also has developed a very annoying squeak.

    1. Well I just got mine but I know they have replacement parts.

  3. Yeah, mine doesn't work for colored pencils either, but I LOVE it for regular pencils!!! Love the pink... I might have to get a second one!

    1. That's weird that it doesn't work for you for colored pencils! I think schools should buy one for every teacher. :)

  4. Question...where did you get that cute pencil shaped pencil holder in the background of pic? I use a similar holder but made mine out of a 2X4 and painted black. I would love one shaped as a pencil.

    1. My answer is not helpful- I got it at a yard sale!