Things I Know

Things I Know
  • Mental Math Mondays- it's making a difference 
  • Semester Reflection- the most meaningful way I've incorporated writing; killing two birds with one stone by writing and getting student feedback
  • Staying organized and efficient-makes it a lot easier to multitask and get things done at school
  • Plan Period- this is the first year I've actually been able to use it to plan
  • That I am 100 times more strict and consistent than I was in year one
  • I love miniature trash cans
  • I must rid my classroom of even more clutter. 
  • I will definitely be adding some more color to my classroom.
  • The number of things I accomplish in a school day is amazing
  • I don't have a pencil problem this year
  • I'm letting students fall through the cracks. 
  • I am terrible at parent contact.

Things I Don't Know
  • Why I stopped creating fun activities 
  • Why I create boring notes instead
  • Why students and adults can't follow rules, show up, and do what they're supposed to do
  • If my survivor games is a good idea...good theory...keeping students in same groups all year....probably not
  • How to do any of the PARCC sample items....and consequently how to teach 
  • How to make Algebra II less boring
  • What geometry proofs I should be doing other than triangle proofs
  • How to get students to work without me hovering or to ask questions and not quit
  • What to blog about when I haven't created anything to share :(
  • What kind of interventions can I do within the classroom?
  • What do I do about a student who does nothing?


  1. Things that came to mind as I read this:

    Mental Math needs to be a bigger part of my classes next year. Must look into how to incorporate this over the summer.

    I don't know how to use my planning period. You should totally write a blog post over this. I have last hour plan. And, I end up doing anything but planning.

    I couldn't figure out how to get my kids to empty the mini trashcans into the large trashcan. I eventually got tired of it and put them in my cabinet.

    I need to work on this whole being more strict and consistent thing. I think I'm ready to go back and re-read all the classroom management books I read before I started teaching. I think things will make more sense now.

    I've got students falling through the cracks, too. It's heart-breaking. I just don't know how to help students who don't want to help themselves. And, I've got quite a few that fall into that category this year.

    I've been loving all your blog posts of late. Keep it up! You're giving me lots to think about.

    1. Thanks Sarah, you just gave me a lot of ideas to blog about.

      Re: trash cans I leave them there all day if everyone is cutting or if it's just for one hour, I return them to the cart and dump them at the end of the day. Sometimes students will dump them on their own.

      On being consistent, I've found the only way to do it to just do it! The easiest defense is to present the rules day one and then make "You know what the rule is" your mantra. They do know and they can't argue. And if they do...just keep repeating it. It also helps to try to keep a straight face. The more you do it, the more powerful you feel. I'm proud of how consistent I've become and how different I am than in year one. I actually love it. lol And the kids like me just as much, if not more, than when I let them get away with stuff. Which was one of my fears.