Proofs: Cut, Sort, and Paste

One of the other ways I practice proofs is using this activity where students have all the pieces to the proof and are cutting, sorting, and pasting them into the correct order.

This is the first year I've used this idea and in my top two sections, I've used it as a reinforcement activity after students have finished a packet of about 16 proofs that they write on their own.

In my third section, which is a lower group, I plan on using it as a practice activity before students start writing proofs on their own. I'm curious to see if it makes a difference.

I did not create the document, I just wrote out the strips and gave them a table to paste them in. I scanned them in and the second sheet is crooked so I left the blank tables in case you would like to rewrite them yourself. =)

In retrospect, I should have brought students together and discussed the different ways students went about their sorting. But my students were kind of  working on different things at their own pace so I will  attempt that discussion in my third section.

Update in a few days!

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