End Behaviors Sort

This activity was not created by me but I don't know the name of the teacher who did create it. I took the questions and created a powerpoint.

Once students have been introduced to end behaviors of polynomial functions, I use this as a reinforcement activity.

There are twelve graphs of polynomials that I print on colored paper and cut (or better yet, have your students cut, and then you get to keep them forever).

I ask students to spread them out at the top of their desks so that they can see each graph.

Then I go from slide to slide on the powerpoint, asking students to choose a select few from the group. It doesn't take long for them to get the hang of it and then I show the answers (immediate feedback).

You can probably make prettier ones with Desmos nowadays but I'm not looking for more work.

This activity could also be used as an alternative assessment or you could use the powerpoint and ask students to create their own graphs for each question.

Before doing this activity, you could give students the graphs and ask them to sort them into any groups they would like. Then have each group compare and contrast for some interesting discussion.

I love a good sorting activity!


  1. It was me :)


    I like the powerpoint you made. Thanks for sharing!

    1. These actually came from a teacher in my area but they are similar to yours.

    2. Oops, sorry for my mistake!