Summer 2013 Plans

I know it's a little early to plan for summer but in a few weeks the first semester is over and the second semester is the downhill slide.

I really just need to get some thoughts down in print for what I want to do this summer since I will be done with grad school and have complete freedom!!

Unit Plans: I still need to decide what these should look like. Here's the template I've designed so far (Could this take the place of my lesson plans?):

Do I want to create detailed individual lesson plans as well? The state people always love my lesson plan form.

Mathematics Assessment Resource Service: I know Pam Wilson has used the FALs from this website and I'm interested in using those and the tasks. I need to go through and pick the ones that would fit into my curriculum.

Update lessons: I'm trying to do this as I go but sometimes I just write a sticky note and put in somewhere. Fix suckiness!

Create essential questions for each unit. Have students write an essay an answering the question as a form of summative assessment. Create a rubric (with student input) for grading essays.

Mental Math Mondays: I give mental math problems as opposed to bell ringers.

Teach students to give feedback comments on each others work. Track common errors in yellow pages possibly? I saw somewhere where students had yellow pages in the back of their binders that they used to write important formulas, things to remember, and common errors. Unsure about this idea though.

Use the colored pen quiz feedback idea ala Frank Nochese?

Create a SBG board similar to Dan's Wall of Remediation. Need to really think through the logistics of this since I have three different content areas. I'm thinking I could make small cards and have three rows. I could just post the cards for one quarter at a time. How do I want to use these? Students complete one before they can reassess? Will also need answer keys. I want something I can easily print so I don't want to physically write on index cards. Want to make SBG more visible and acccessible to students. *ponders*

Let students pose questions. Compare their answers to other responses and reflect on if they are correct or not.

Use way more instances of "What do you notice/wonder?" and hook students by having them make estimates first.

Use Educreations to compare and contrast, summarize, explain, and integrate visuals.

Daily Doozy

Question Frames 

Create a "Today you need..." sign (laminated) where I can post pictures of supplies the students need to get before sitting down.

Review hockey game! Bowling, golf?

Teach midpoint, bisect, and AIA in terms of proofs so that students are ahead of the game in marking and writing congruent pieces.

Re-organize my filing cabinets and big cabinets. Use the bottom shelf for big things. Store supplies in filing cabinets. Buy 11 1/2 x 15 tubs for every unit I teach; include all activites, manipulatives, and handouts for each unit.

Parent functions and parabolas with play dough?


  1. What does your lesson plan format look like?

    1. https://www.box.com/s/c30q5hzm3hivow2owlwm

  2. I'm trying to find a good unit plan format too (that includes International Baccalaureate stuff) and learn how to write essential questions. Interested to see what you discover!

    1. Well I know absolutely noting about IB stuff (except that it's called IB!) but here is the template I've designed so far: https://www.box.com/s/fwtqniodyyzih73av3pv

      Also, do you read Mimi's blog? http://untilnextstop.blogspot.com/ I know she teaches IB.