Made 4 Math #22 Unit Plans

I posted about some of my summer plans which include creating unit plans and writing essential questions. I looked at some backward design ideas and various unit plans and I created a template of my own based on what I've read and what I think might actually be useful.

Not sure how well this would work but it seems like a principal would really like it. If I describe the lessons within a unit then it wouldn't matter if my timing was off as much. Theoretically, I think that means I could create this ahead of time (or actually after the fact since I could write them after I teach this year) and turn it in as my lesson plans? I'm not sure yet.



  1. This is also on my summer to-do list. In fact, it just might be my entire summer to-do list! :) Your template will be very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see one populated...

  2. Curious have you seen anything into common core for high school yet? I have it all planned out, and have a common core unit plan. It is really different, but it leaves the "time" frame thing really an open-ended option. I used to be "graded" you could say by being "on-time" with my lessons, and then the school switched over to a "take your time" teach it right method which is WAY better...Thus the change in unit plans. Let me know if you want me to email you a copy of my unit layouts, I have two different versions.

    1. Alexandra,
      I would love to see your unit layouts! Where did you find something aligned to common core?