Better Online Math That's Not Online

I'm taking these straight from Dan's post:

These are all ideas I can implement in my classroom on my own- without the technology. Eventually, this will be created and become the norm in education. But why wait? Let's teach better math now.

What other ideas can we come up with that creates an intellectual need for students to learn more?


  1. Here's an example I did in Algebra II - the discussions we had were phenomenal and all it took was a bunch of students coming to the board and drawing some kind of line! Any line! From there we took turns trying to describe what each student's line represented.



  2. I LOVE Dan Meyer activities. I'm working towards trying to get students to be ready for the smarter balanced assessments however I'm looking for in relation to this a really strong method for students to start asking themselves TOPS/Marzano questions. I've been looking and found a couple of things that help us to remind students about methods like: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/133901720/Marzanos-Nine-Top-Strategies but I really did like the "Holes" activity because it does not have a "final" solution, the students had to have a "battle" or discussion panel on why their answer was more accurate (or could be considered correct) and how to "prove it." I just find the students journals are so very weak in asking their own critical thinking questions to solve their own problem. They want us to do it for them!

    1. What things are you using to help prepare for smarter balanced assessments? Do you have the link for the common core lesson plan template you mentioned earlier?