Summary Sheets

I'm teaching one week of summer school and the students are rotating between doing board work, worksheets, and a computer program. I decided to create a summary sheet so that after each rotation they could stop, summarize their learning, and hopefully remember it before moving on.

And surprisingly, one student said that we should use these during the regular school year. So now I'm thinking maybe this could be a good addition to our notes as an exit slip type exercise.

I'm already planning to include a unit summary sheet in our math portfolios where students have to go back through each section of the unit and rewrite summaries as a way of review.

Seems like they could go hand in hand. Maybe I should modify the unit summaries to include example problems as well?

What modifications would you make so that writing summaries becomes a more natural and useful process?


  1. What if instead of a single example, you asked students to provide an example of something that they understand well as well as an example of something about which they are still unclear? I really, really like your idea of a summary sheet as an exit ticket or as a touch point between rotations. Will have to steal this for next year. This would work great on days when students are in learning centers too. Thanks!!

  2. Do you mean just writing which example (example 1, etc) was confusing or working out the example?

    I'm thinking that at the end of the unit we will review by writing the unit summaries as well as highlighting problems that seem like something we would see on a test so students have something tangible to study. Maybe having them work the problems they wrote on the summary sheet that were confusing to them could be a good way to review as well.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will have to do some pondering.

  3. Would be be possible to have the students do a problem from the book they understand and then start a problem of their own and solve?

  4. Thank you so much for creating this blog. I am really struggling with the reading material of the book and this makes it so much easier!

  5. Not sure what book you are referring to but glad I could be helpful!