Data Wise Ch 1

Notes from text
Data Wise
Boudett, City, Murnane

Chapter 1: Organizing for Collaborative Work

Three activities that can support a "data culture" within schools: creating and guiding a data team, enabling collaborative work among faculty, and planning productive meetings.

Data team
Having a few people responsible for organizing and preparing the data means that you can dedicate the full faculty's time to discussing the data.

3 Tasks
1. Create a data inventory (external and internal assessmentsbandvstudent-level information)
2. Take stock of data organization
3. Develop an inventory of the instructional initiatives currently in place

Are you satisfied with the way you capture the information generated from each of your assessments?

It is better to share responsibility for interpreting data among all teachers.

When planning conversations around data,  the challenge is to find an effective way to give all faculty members a chance to make meaning of what they see.

Four Helpful Strategies for Planning Productive Meetings
1. Establish group norms (i.e. no blame, no wrong answers)
2. Use protocols to structure conversations
3. Adopt an improvement process
4. "Lesson plan" for meetings (repackage data results so they can be easily understood)

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