Math Portfolio

I have achieved one of my summer goals. I finally, finally created the template for my math portfolio. Only because it was my final project for my writing across the curriculum class, but still, it's done.

The portfolio is built around my Algebra II class but I don't have the concept list or my priorities nailed down yet so the concepts the students will be writing about will change. I think that's what I need the most help on. I want students to write about big concepts, essential questions, the overall themes throughout the course.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it but I'm ready to see what you guys think. Is this doable? Will this project increase student achievement in any way? Did I use writing in a way that will increase learning? Did I leave out any important ideas? What should be changed or removed? How could I do this better?

I wish I could show a picture of every page (I could, but won't) because I am ridiculously proud of it, but it's 25 pages long.

Without further ado, my math portfolio!


  1. Wow, wow, and wow! I bow to you! This is awesome...and most definitely a TON of work. Way to go! :-)

  2. Thank you. It was definitely a lot of work.