PLC Readiness Survey

In my PLC class, we are simulating PLC's and worked together to create a PLC readiness survey to give to the other teachers in our school who are not taking the class. We started out by all writing our own questions on issues we thought needed to be addressed. Our instructor compiled them and tried to cluster them together. We went through and voted on the ones we liked the most. Every group has the same first 11 questions. Then each group added 3-5 of their own depending on who they were giving their surveys to: elementary, middle, or high. My group was the high school group.

I wanted to share this survey in case it was something that other schools who want to implement the PLC model might find useful or at least a stepping stone to the PLC mindset.

We based the first questions on the Likert scale and then threw in some open ended questions.
  1. I feel comfortable with my peers observing my class
  2. The faculty works well together to explore skills and strategies to improve student learning.
  3. I am committed to continuously seeking out opportunities to improve my teaching.
  4. Our school has a supportive environment for students.
  5. Our school has a supportive environment for staff.
  6. Our district has a culture of trust and commitment.
  7. Instructors have a voice and ownership in our school.
  8. I value collaborative planning and sharing among faculty.
  9. I am willing to collaborate with my peers.
  10. I use the results of assessments to guide student learning.
  11. Our school would see improved student achievement data as a result of implementing a system of teacher collaboration and data analysis.
  12. I am willing to talk to faculty members about my teaching methods and my ideas.
  13. Staff members work together to search for solutions to address diverse student needs.
  14. What concerns you most about peer observation? (Open-ended)
  15. How can we use assessment data toward more positive outcomes? (Open-ended)
  16. What disadvantages do you see with collaborative planning periods? (Open-ended)


  1. Good evening, Miss. I find that your survey questions are useful to me. I would like to ask you either you have referring on which journal or article to create the survey questions?

  2. I really hope I can get some ideas from your part, because I am in progress on create instrument for my dissertation about PLC readiness.

  3. These are questions we created to make our own survey.