Classroom Management Workshop

Effective Classroom:
-Mutual Respect

What Do You Want to Know?
-how to deal with the one problem child
-bag of tricks
-how to deal with bullying
-managing cooperative learning and transitions
-beginning activities

Collaborative Norms
-Equity of voice
-Active listening
-Safety to share different perspectives

Come to the Edge poem

3 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
1. Positive expectations for student success
2. Extremely good classroom manager
3. Knows how to design lessons for student mastery

Efficient is not the same as effective.

Creating Acceptance
-Make eye contact with each student 
-Call all students by preferred name (Should we call students by Mr. or Ms. since we expect them to respond to us in that manner?) 
-Move toward and stay close to learners

Give-one-get-one strategy. Give students a grid of nine squares. They fill in three with their own ideas. Then find another student to exchange one idea with. Keep rotating students until grid is full.

Effective teachers manage their classrooms.
Ineffective teachers discipline their classrooms.

Focus on procedures to limit dealing with behavior.

Discipline has penalties and rewards. Procedures don't.

Students Should Know:
Where to get materials
What to do when they have a question
Where to work
Where to put work
What the rules are

Rules are concerned with behavior, not academic work.

There's no reason to have a rule that's not important. If you don't enforce it, don't make it a rule.

Be firm, fair, consistent.

Teaching Procedures
1. Explain, model, demonstrate
2. Rehearse, practice
3. Review

The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of routines and procedures.

Discuss inappropriate behaviors quietly, calmly, and privately as often as you can.

http://www.disciplinehelp.com Library of scenarios and how to deal with specific behaviors.

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