New Year's Goals

My January - May Goals

  1. Put in my lesson plans for each day (even if it's not on that exact day).
  2. Put in 0's when students don't do make up work while absent.
  3. Write better assignments: emphasize thinking process rather than right answer
  4. Be stricter on discipline: I already know they like me, let's move on to respect
  5. Incorporate group work and projects: I haven't really done any yet

My January Goals:
  1. Live through Homecoming.
  2. Write my semester B final exams.
  3. Organize the folders in my desk drawer.
  4. Incorporate more multiple choice questions: students have no idea how to eliminate wrong answers
  5. Use colored index cards as 'clickers' for multiple choice and true/false questions
Monday Goals:
  1. Rearrange desks
  2. Finish posting grades
  3. Pass back and discuss grades
  4. Take down Christmas paraphernalia 
  5. Get StuCo stuff together

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