Week 21

In algebra, we reviewed point-slope form and went straight into standard form. I think they actually caught on pretty easily. I didn't do anything particularly exciting or magical but they liked standard form because it was only one step extra after they've found slope-intercept form. Fractions threw them for a loop, as usual. My eighth graders did much better with fractions than the older students, but they're advanced, so I guess that's expected.

I'm still mad that they have no clue what this had to do with real life. I know that's my fault though. They don't know how to predict things using linear equations or graphs. They might understand the whole slope and rate of change thing but that's the extent of it.

Geometry is just poopy and I dislike it very much. I'm about 75% more likely to give a free day in there than in any other class. I don't even want to type anything because then I would have to think about it and I just don't wanna.

This week I got fed up again with how boring my teaching is and just how blah school is in general. I guess it's just one of those weeks where it feels like nothing will ever change and even more than that, that there is no hope that things can change. I feel like change is just beyond me and it's too overwhelming too even consider.

I don't look forward to lesson planning or teaching this week.

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