Purpose of School

Defining the purpose of school and what it should be was another one of my writing across the curriculum assignments. I thought it was very interesting that the smartest, 'popular' students all answered the same way. They said school was to prepare you for college so you could get a good job, make money, and have cool stuff. They also didn't think the purpose should be changed. But of course not, because they are successful in school.

On the other hand, the not-so-top-performing students had a little bit different perspective:

"Schools purpose is to torture us and fill our heads with junk. It also sends us to college. It also gives us opportunities."

"The purpose of school is to learn how to have fun with friends and how to survive in jail. =) The purpose should be to teach us how to survive in the real world."

"The purpose is to get smart. The purpose should be to have fun and be happy. It should also be to play games and ride dirt bikes."

"The purpose of school is to get an education. The purpose of school be to learn but enjoy yourself while doing it."

"The purpose of school is to learn and get education for the future. I feel that the purpose should be to have fun and still learn at the same time."

"The purpose of school is to get educated and to learn new stuff and to meet the people in your community and around you."

"The purpose of school should be to learn and make close friends. The purpose shouldn't change instead the way to achieve the purpose should change. I think tests and finals shouldn't wreck a good grade."

"The purpose of school should be for us to learn how to work and to also figure out how to work through some problems. And also it would help us to experience life and get ready for life and also our jobs in the future."

"The purpose of school here to me feels like a prison, but college is more free, so it wouldn't be to prepare for college because it's nothing like it. The purpose of school is also to make us follow rules and laws. It won't happen because children don't follow rules. We aren't even well-behaved enough to stand in line. The purpose of school should be of learning and to be able to remember it years from now. You shouldn't be forced to learn something!"

"The purpose of school is to keep you out of trouble and the purpose of school should be to teach you how to deal with life situations and show you new things."


  1. Out of the mouths of babes...

  2. Schools are a good thing...more teachers are also a good thing!