Why Are Math Teachers Boring?

We went to a local university on a field trip today for Math Field Day. Surprisingly, I thought it was somewhat unorganized, considering it was put on by college math professors. (Or maybe it's just me who assumes logical mathematicians are organized?) The tests only lasted 15-20 minutes and they covered a wide variety of topics. But to me, the times were strange. Lunch was served from 11-1:30 but competitions lasted until 1. It was at least a 5 minute walk to eat from anywhere the competitions were held. The awards ceremony started at 1:45.

Now that I'm typing it out, it doesn't sound strange.

My entire point is that I think they should have made lunch one hour with no competitions so everyone could go eat together. I understand though that there would be a large mass of hungry high schoolers but I just didn't like the idea of the students wandering all over an unfamiliar campus searching for food.

And for the results....

We didn't win anything. But, we had NO discipline problems. Everyone stayed together. We ate lunch mostly together. No one got lost.

We had a good time. The kids were supportive of each other and ready to cheer- even though we never got the chance. FAIL

But the kids did what I expected. They've had a different math teacher every year for the past 4 years- and that's if they were lucky enough to have a teacher the entire school year. I expected a fun day and it was. Later, I was thinking I should have expected them to win. Positive expectations are SO important and I didn't even realize what I was doing. I was expecting them to behave positive but not expecting positive results. There's a difference.

I'm so thankful for blogging. I wouldn't reflect on things nearly as much if I wasn't always contemplating a new blog post.

So you might be wondering what this has to do with math teachers being boring. All the math teachers there were dressed so boring-ly. Yes, professional but in the most drab colors. The men wore shirts of oatmeal and navy blue dress pants. The woman had these weird oatmeal-color-family outfits with a hideous overcoat. And why don't math professors comb their hair?

During the award ceremony, they spoke so formally and monotone. There can only be one Dry Eyes extraordinaire people! No enthusiasm whatsoever from these lovers of math. I think their ties were tied a little two tight! (And if you think I'm being too hard on them, did I mention that they were my former professors, all except one who did not recognize me, even though I graduated less than 6 months ago? Thank you. I shall proceed.)

I was just thinking how much more enjoyable it would have been if they wore fun clothes and had been excited. They could have played some background music and pumped everyone up. I was almost ashamed to like math in their unenthusiastic presence. I'm all about breaking stereotypes so let me just go ahead and ask, "Why are math teachers boring?" Can't we too be colorful, energetic, dramatic, joyous, and interesting? Or does the love of numbers just overwhelm these other qualities?

But alas, it wasn't enthusiasm we received but more disorganization. The professors couldn't even find the right medals for the right competitions! Lists, people, it's all about the lists.

On the bright side, they gave away door prizes (which we also didn't win. It was rigged. We got there early and our cards must have been at the bottom of the box. Who gets punished for being early? Apparently, the bird.)

But, we had cool t-shirts. =)

Please notice the fake-clip-on tie above and the pocket protector complete with glasses and pens in the pocket.

Now please notice the following below, which nonchalantly hung on our bus. Greatness, pure greatness.

+ Bonus +
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