Discernment: A Unique Teaching Concept

Steve Sampson came to my church the other night. He is a very unique speaker. He has a very, very dry sense of humor, which I find hysterical. The Holy Spirit works through him and tells him people and things to pray for. It happens in various ways. He'll say things like "I'm seeing someone named Jeff...there's a couple here who have been married for 31 or 31 1/2 years...someone with an extreme case of acid reflux...someone with throat problems...someone who's had a birthday in the past month." He will pray for them or give them a specific message of what's going on, what's going to happen, what they need to do, etc. It's so specific and unique, with a sprinkle of hilariousness. I enjoy it so much!

I was just thinking to myself...how amazing would it be if the Holy Spirit worked through me that way with teaching? It would be ridiculous. Maybe I would say things like "Someone in the third row doesn't understand fractions...There's a girl here who didn't get #14...Someone with brown hair didn't finish their homework last night." It would make life much simpler to have that discernment. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out if everyone really understands the material, I could skip right to addressing the problem. Without embarrassing students or myself, I could easily review and reteach.

If the Lord is powerful enough to heal people through discernment like Steve Sampson has, I believe He can also give discernment to me to make me an effective teacher. God is a God of order and He has given me everything I need to succeed. (Ha ha a rhyme!) He wants me to have abundant life and I believe that includes a successful career with unique strategies. I want to be set apart as a teacher and I think having that kind of discernment and hearing from God so clearly would definitely be...different.

And I'm okay with different. =)

Hearing the Holy Spirit is the greatest adventure known to man. Learn more.

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