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So. I am participating in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. It's being held at ProBlogger by @problogger. It only has 9200 participants so it's just a small, intimate gathering of close friends.

But I digress.

The first assignment is to write an elevator pitch for my blog.

First, I just want to say...I am not obsessed with getting people to read my blog. I am not going to spend every waking moment of my life writing posts, commenting on other blogs, or twittering to my hearts content. (That last one may be a lie) Honestly, I do have a life. And a job. And without those, what would I write about? On the other hand, I'm all about improving myself and making progress in my own life. So. I want to improve my blog and make it better for the 2 people who do read it and for the future people who may want to.

And now back to regularly scheduled writing...

So. I already have my "tagline". [See above] "The positives and negatives of teaching high school math". Let us analyze.

1. Word play
Fun. Always a winner. Catchy. Actually relates to math.

2. Truth
I actually tell what I do. Best policy. Defining.

3. Short
Easy to remember.

So. A+ on that. But now, I need something longer. Something like 100-150 words that solve a problem or need, define my audience, is clear, is short, stands out, intrigues, is energetic but not hyped, might be a question, and is easy to expand on in real-life conversation.

No problem. I write those in my sleep.

Ready, set, go! Ok, my ideal audience is other teachers or people who might be interested in teaching. Not necessarily just school teachers either. What problem or need am I solving? I think my tagline says it pretty well. I want to show the positives and negatives of teaching. Balance. There's too many that do one or the other and not both. Also, I want to help other teachers by offering lesson plans, ideas, tip, etc. That's what I like to read and so that's what I would like to offer. And I wanna be funny. I love making people laugh. Now can I think of an intriguing question? Hmm.

Miss Cal.Q.L8 shares the up, downs, and all-a-rounds of teaching. From serious to silly, this blog offers help, hope, and happiness to the teacher in all of us. It's practical and inspirational. From the miscalculations of math to the miscalculations in life, there are tips and tricks for everything. Read it to learn, laugh, and like math. How can you improve your teaching skills? Learn from one 'miscalculation' at a time.

So I like series of words, analogies, and alliterations. Any other suggestions?

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