Made 4 Math Monday: Games, Grams, and a Polaroid

This is a remix of the ZAP! game that I made 7 years ago. I decided to change the name to Bazinga! because Sheldon.

I found this 22x28 poster board at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, library pockets from Naeir, glitter stickers from Dollar Tree, and index cards from....7 years ago. lol

I just wrote on the cards this time because I hate cutting. I'm just now realizing I didn't put any numbers on the pockets yet. I wanted to you use stickers but also, ew. So I will just write them on and save myself the trouble.

Here's the list I used:

  • Bazinga! (lose all points) 
  • Switch scores with another team 
  • Add two points to your score 
  • Bazinga! all teams 
  • Add two points to another teams score 
  • Add two points to all other teams score S
  • Subtract two points from your score 
  • Subtract two points from another teams score 
  • Pick another team to Bazinga! 
  • Subtract two points from all other teams score 
  • Double your score 
  • Multiply your score by 1/2 
  • Multiply your score by 2 
  • Youngest team members rotate to the next team  
  • Tallest team members rock, paper, scissors to win two points 
  • Shoot a basket for 3 points
FYI, I used wheelofnames.com to make a list of all the practice games I use. I turn homework or worksheets into a powerpoint of problems and then spin the wheel to choose which game we play.
Custom colored. Obvi.

Another thing I halfway did last year that I am doing better this year is a monthly theme for my Instagram board. I decorate a bulletin board to look like Instagram. It's the same name as my teacher IG account, @msmilligram.

Each month, I ask the students to send me pictures around a theme...baby pics, prom, homecoming, Valentine's Day, summer break, etc. But I basically made it up randomly. This year, I'm going to use this picture of my blank board and put a caption on it with the theme. Then I can post it to Instagram so they know the monthly theme.


I updated last week's post with this Polaroid photo frame but I had to share it here too because it's so cute! I also added velcro speech bubbles for each grade.

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