Made 4 Math Monday: Teacher Toolbox and Puzzle Wars

This is about the third time I've redone my teacher toolbox, but still cute and still worth showing.

I printed them, laminated them, cut them apart, and then taped them on the inside of each drawer with tape on the bottom and top of each label. Here are the labels and the font is KG All of Me.

On top are juice mix boxes decorated with tape to hold sets of pens. On the left is a Pringles can covered in duck tape to hold rulers.

This summer I read about puzzle wars on Pinterest. My version is four things that drive me crazy I'm going to monitor each week for each class. There will be a weekly prize like listening to music, sit wherever they want, candy, etc for the period with the most puzzle pieces.

I want an average of 80%+ for their grades and attendance. I put pencils inside of a straw holder taped to each desk. If 0% of the pencils are missing by the end of each week, they win the puzzle piece. I have a 'two nice things' rule where they have to say two nice things every time they say something rude about any person. So if the rule isn't used for a week, they get the puzzle piece.

Green is Geometry, blue is Algebra I, purple is Algebra II, and pink is Trig. I printed the puzzle out twice on legal-sized paper and colored them. I laminated them and then cut one of them up in to pieces. The pieces are stored in the adhesive pockets below. The pockets came from Target Dollar Spot last year.

Here is the puzzle if you are interested and the font is also KG All of Me.

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