Made 4 Math Monday: Spray Paintalooza

I am a huge fan of INBs (never going back) and one of the things I love are tabs for each chapter.

I've been using a decorated pill box to store the tabs for each period.

This summer I decided I wanted to print, laminate, and cut all of the tabs for every unit for every course ahead of time. (Don't forget to make extras for yourself and those that fall off!) I found these craft organizers at Dollar Tree. The one I went to only had red so I spray painted all of them my signature classroom color. 

The paint is already chipping which makes me sad. And since then I've pink, blue, and white. I color code everything for my courses which means I use blue, green, purple, and pink as you can see from the labels below. I may buy the pink and blue and pray they start making a green and purple! lol

They came with some dividers to cut the spaces in half but I didn't need them so I took them all out.

Even if they get mixed up, they are separated by color. I will take out whatever students are currently using and put them in the pill box. I always forgot to do them in time so it makes my heart happy to have everything ready to go.

Next up, is this file organizer. I originally bought this seven years ago from the Container store for $15.

Over the years I have decided I am tired of green. The problem is, this is actually a magazine holder and it no longer exists. While I can find many file holders and even chevron ones, they are made for folders in landscape orientation which makes them too wide and they usually have 10 pockets when I need exactly seven.

Thankfully @pamjwilson pointed out that I could spray paint it. I asked one of my former students who paints shoes for advice and she recommended this Tulip Color Shot paint from Hobby Lobby.

I mean, they even had my shade! I bought two cans on sale for $6 each. I refused to spend more on paint than on the original holder. So the back is still green and it could use another coat but since I put folders in each pocket anyway, I'm okay with how it turned out. Especially from far away. ;)

I also spray painted two trash cans but I didn't take pictures and I know that's not exciting. But I just need you to know how obsessed I am with matching. So basically, any supplies I find, I just spray paint it to match my room.

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