#DITL August 10th, 2016

9:00 AM Woke up....second to last day to sleep in. =(

10:15 AM Got to school to finish decorating my classroom. Tomorrow is a half day teacher institute from 1-5 and then Back to School Night from 5-7.

Things I accomplished today:

  • Cleaned all 6 carts and drawers and put new labels on each drawer (120 drawers)
  • Attached new labels inside plastic bins to put in the cart
  • Took my pentaminoes, tangrams, and counters into ziplock bags for each cart
  • Refilled the cart with supplies
  • Finished my Instagram/Milligram bulletin board
  • Decorated my door with my lovely chevron stickers
  • Rehung my chevron borders around each whiteboard (I'm never taking them down again!)
  • Cut out balloon and star shapes on our die cut machine for student birthdays
  • Printed out my Plicker cards
  • Took the chairs down
  • Printed new number placards for each group of desks
  • Took down streamers and paper lanterns that I didn't want anymore
  • Finished hanging my 'custom' wall clock
  • Changed three bags of trash
  • Swept the floor
5:15 PM Got home and made dinner; changed clothes and went shopping

Shopping included MORE classroom stuff:
  • Wal-Mart: (plastic unit tubs, washi tape, air fresheners, and groceries)
  • Aldi (sugar and biscuits lol)
  • Walgreens (pictures for my bulletin board)
  • Hobby Lobby (light switch covers, silver hanging decorations, foam letters, scrapbook paper, poster board)
  • Dollar Tree (plastic bins and baby washcloths for dry erase markers)
  • Target (washi tape for binders)
  • Staples (my fave green Staedtler pencils)
  • Chinese food for a celebratory lunch tomorrow
  • Half price shakes at Sonic since I never ate lunch
10:15 Then because I'm a crazy person I went BACK to school to finish some things so I won't be rushed tomorrow

  • Rehung my diploma frame that fell and broke
  • Hung up my pictures from Walgreens
  • Added the baby washcloths to their labeled white bins
  • Added scissors labels to their bins
  • Hung up the silver hanging decorations 
  • Set up the air fresheners
  • Switched out the light switch cover
  • Put out my pencils in my pencil holder
11:30 Finally home. Unload my crap and pick out my outfit for tomorrow. I always like to dress up more for Back to School Night since I look younger. Got everything ready for tomorrow because I hate mornings- even though I don't have to be at school until 1:00, I don't want to get up any earlier than 9:00 and I don't want to be rushed.

And that's a normal day for me- I do crazy things at crazy times all in the name of creating!

I got 12,354 steps today and walked 5.48 miles. I also drank 64 ounces of water.



  1. My goodness!!! I'm exhausted just from reading that post! Have a great back to school night tonight and a great year!!!

  2. Could you come organize my life? Right now I have no closet space in my classroom so I just have random boxes of supplies! I don't even have a desk drawer! I'm so jealous of your beautiful chevrons and rolling storage!

    1. I wish I could have a job organizing people's lives! I have no closet space either- that's what Dollar Tree is for :) Build a desk out of filing cabinets!