Google Apps Training

I went to a decent one day training for Google Apps and I thought I would share my notes here. They are mostly tips and tricks that I think are clear enough to understand.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

My biggest let down was when the Fazoli's catering boxes for lunch held subs instead of pasta. =( Why does everyone think subs are the best idea ever for PD lunches? At least they didn't serve my most hated side dish...plain potato chips.

Gmail → bottom right corner ‘Details’ → sign out from all other places with one button

Gmail →Gear → Labs → experimental cool stuff like right side chat, may break or disappear

Google Docs → Tools → Research → Search the Internet in a box on the right → Drag and drop pictures into a document and it automatically cites the sub text at the bottom → Filter image results to see what images are free to use

Flubaroo lets you save grades and answer keys straight to student’s Drives. It’s also incorporated into Google Classroom.

Pictures in email → add to drive next to the download button → click organize to change folder

www.google.com → Settings (bottom right corner) → Advanced Search → teaches the ‘codes’ for advanced searches → minus sign to include

Search e-mail with operators → from: to: subject: AND OR - *

Search operators https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2466433?hl=en
(you can even search hashtags)

Advanced Image Search → search by image size (big images shrunk down take up the original amount of data) → search by color (to match themes, pick transparent so you don’t get the white box around it) → search by type (clip art, animated, etc)

Chrome Web Store → Google Tone → Add Extension → broadcast URL to other computers around it with Google Tone, microphone, and sound enabled

Chrome Web Store → Share to Classroom → In Google Classroom, you can push a URL to your class that forces them to that age

Chrome Web Store → Alice Keeler Classroom Split → split screen in classroom so students can see directions and work at the same time

In Google Doc → Add-ons → Get add-ons → Orange Slice → imports rubrics for automatic grading, processes the score and highlights the categories in the rubric

Insert → Comments → pops up on the side → have to give permission to comment

Revision history → go back to earlier changes

Names/pictures show in google docs in the top right. Clicking on it takes you exactly where they are typing.

Administrators can set extensions to be assigned to each user name or to each device.

Idea- limit to registration pages only on a few chromebooks in the office

Go to calendar → Create new → Block off specific block → Change to appointment slots → Specify the time → Share to students to sign up for specific time slots

Snag It → steals image, selected area, entire page, scrolling, video with voice, annotate pictures with text and shapes, grab link to it, or download picture

Screencastify → recording the screen or just one tab

Your google account is a youtube channel → Video on your phone and upload to youtube

Flubaroo →  to allow for more than one correct answer to a fill-in question? Just put %or between correct answers when filling out your answer key

https://www.youtube.com/editor Slow motion, filters, add audio, stabilize

https://www.youtube.com/cards Video Manager → Videos → Edit (enhancements, annotations, cards, no comments)

viewpure.com → paste youtube link and it strips out clutter and pop-ups

youtubetime.com → Paste in URL link and choose a start time → Gives link to video clip

Slide Deck link https://goo.gl/hvghiy

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