Function Notation Slider

I pinned a great idea for function notation and then found out it's from someone I actually know {I love when that happens}. Download the files and read Kathryn's original post here.

I'm basically posting about this for my blog readers who are not part of the MTBoS because I love it so much. The blue part is on card stock and the green part is just copy paper. A student told me I should have used card stock for that too.Next year!

We taped the green piece down on the empty squares with dotted lines. When I asked students what they thought those empty boxes were for one of them said "For us to make up our own numbers!" which is a great idea. The blue box slides while the green part stays attached. I almost made them glue it down before I realized then it wouldn't slide at all. Oops!

I also really liked the definition of a function that I found online: "f(x)" means "plug in a value for x into a function f". I also like to emphasize that f(x) is a label, a way to name an equation, and that we never do math with it.

Short and sweet!

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