#TMC15 Growing Our Own Practice

Growing Our Own Practice
How math teachers can use social media to support ongoing improvement
Ilana Horn

Thursday Keynote
Claremont, CA

Great teachers, when discussing their practice:

  • Frame problems in an actionable way, they can do something about it
  • Include more student voice and perspective
  • Connect teaching, math, and student understanding

How can we use social media to develop teacher agency, empathic reasoning, and ecological thinking?

Grow your understanding of your own students and setting,

Develop a sense of the way students, math, and instruction interconnect.

This session was a lot of affirmation for me because I feel like a lot of my colleagues look at problems from a totally different frame. I feel helpless or embarrassed in some of our meetings because my perspective is so different. This encouraged me to keep looking at things and how I can affect things or solve problems.

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