#TMC15 Feedback Quizzes

Feedback Quizzes
Using detailed, written formative assessments to promote low-stress learning
Julie Wright

Thursday 4:00-4:30
Claremont, CA

It's better to execute a plan, any plan, than to wait and do nothing.

Quizzes are designed with space built in for feedback.

The purpose is to see their thinking and respond; scored for effort; can get EVERYTHING wrong and still get a perfect score; can impose time cutoffs

Alphabetize and scan to PDFs before grading (or have students take pictures of their work and email to you!), on Mac using Preview, you can annotate and add your feedback is text. Color code your feedback for your records even though students won't see it. Reuse your comments!

Give comments for correct answers so those students also have comments to process.  Spend a period revising. Students receive negative criticism better when points are not attached.

Removes shame of making mistakes and takes away the punishing relationship between teacher and student.

You can give hard problems without feeling guilty. 

When you've repeatedly shared all the feedback you can with students, it's on them to perform well on unit tests.

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