#myfavfriday Favorite Moments

Some favorite moments from the school year:

My middle school students who told me today that I am their favorite teacher because I "let them do things other teachers won't".

When I lectured my middle school class about their behavior and a students came up afterward and apologized.

Last Friday when my students told me I had to dress older because they thought I was a student in hallways.

This week a student asked me how long I thought our newish Ag teacher would work there. When I thought he was going to complain, he instead said he was asking because he wanted to become an Ag teacher and come back and take her job. :)

When students who finished early in my Geometry class of 30 started to help other people because they could see I couldn't get to everyone on my own.

One particular student who has been 'difficult' over the past two years has really grown and matured over the summer. She is now working hard, being polite, having more patience, and is in overall more control of her behavior.

My first tutoring session today with middle schoolers who I had a chance to talk to more and who are so hilarious.

The support and encouragement I have received from people when talking about attempting Take One/ NBCT.

When I made time to work with an IEP student and realized he was more capable than I assumed. And just now when I graded his quiz and he did better than expected.

In fact, a much better batch of quizzes from all my classes compared to last week.

But mostly, the fact that we are quickly approaching October so I can finally hit my groove.


I did have one thing to share. I've been using my hanging file organizer for absent student work but then I had students absent on a test day and of course I wasn't going to stick the test in there. I just used a corner of the board and wrote Make Up Test and listed their names under it as a reminder to myself. Painfully obvious, but worked wonders for me.


  1. I love little moments like the ones you mentioned, too. =)

  2. Favorite moments can really make our day. Thanks for sharing yours.