Made 4 Math #12 - Domain and Range Lesson

I am totally slacking.

Here's the best I have.

I spent over two hours creating this Algebra II lesson on domain and range. Thanks to @pamjwilson for reminding me to slow the pace down, give students a change to observe, explain, and do problems on their own.

I've been trying to build in as many different examples as possible. This lesson will take me at least 2 days if not longer but I feel like it is really solid.

Thanks to the twitter people who have helped remind me how to do set and interval notation and proofed my lesson.


I could say more but I'm too tired. If you have any questions about how I structured the lesson, feel free to ask and I promise to give you an excellent answer as long as it does not require me to answer right now.

Thank you, come again.

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