Ode to Math

Dear Math,
You are so frustrating. How can there be a million different concepts bundled up inside of you? How can you be so complex to assess? How can you be so difficult to remediate? How are you so completely interwoven that one tiny piece can make or break you? Why do students hate you so much? Why are you so easily forgotten? Why are you easy to understand and simultaneously hard to explain? Why is there so much of you shoved into 4 years that just aren't your size? Why are the parts of you that are so important the same parts that are rarely used? Why do I know how to use you in ways that mean nothing to my every day life? Why are parts of you so interesting and seemingly useless? Why is it okay for people to hate you and be scared of you?

Why are you making my life so difficult?


  1. Hi! I just wanted to pop over to say I'm loving your blog so far. Also, I know what you mean in this post. It's very frustrating at times.

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