Naming Basic Geometry Terms

My first unit in Geometry was about basic definitions: plane, line, segment, point, ray, coplanar, collinear, noncollinear, parallel, perpendicular, etc. From there we classified angles and did the Angle Addition Postulate, complete with algebra and variables on both sides. Next we discussed angle pair relationships: vertical, linear pair, adjacent, complementary, and supplementary. Again with the algebra, solving equations, and variables on both sides. So now we are reviewing and ready to test over Unit 1. I gave my students a review packet to work on with a partner. They are really struggling with the naming and labeling piece. They actually asked me if they could have a test of only solving for angle measurements with lots of algebra.

When we first went over basic terms, we wrote definitions, drew a picture, and wrote how to label. We did practice problems, homework, and bell ringers. They are still struggling. From what I can see, the confusing thing is when you can name the same thing in two different ways. For example, a line can be named with one lowercase letter or two capital letters. A plane can be named with one floating letter that isn't a point or with three points that lie on the plane.

Ooh, an idea just hit me! What if I compare it to names? The lowercase letter is like a nickname and the two capital letters are a first and last name representing the first and last point of the line. Is this something that makes sense and is likely to help?

We were scheduled to test on Monday but I could tell my students were not feeling good about that. I was truly frustrated with myself because I couldn't think of any other way to teach them what seems to be so simple in my head. I sat down and brainstormed with my 8th hour Geo lab students about what we could do.

They came up with the idea that we needed to do something hands-on where students could see, touch, feel, and actually move things around to get a better understanding. I sent three students to the computers to look for any helpful ideas. The rest of us scoured my room for supplies and the students then created packets of the following supplies for each student:

We will use a sheet of construction paper for a plane. The arrows are to form a line. I bought fuzzy balls to use as points and to create line segments or rays. We gave letters so that we could label.

Now my problem is, I don't know what to do with this. Should I give them a list of things to create? Should I post it on the SMART board so I can check each student's progress as we go? What kind of things do I need to tell them to create in order to practice naming and labeling?

My students on the computer found this 5 minute tutorial video that they thought did a good job of going step-by-step through each term. They also found this video of a geometry rap.

So my plan is to do a bell ringer with maybe a diagram and the answers scrambled so that they have to do matching, maybe? That might help them connect the right way to label. Then discuss the nickname idea I mentioned earlier. Next show the two videos. After that comes the putting things together...but what am I going to tell them to do? 
I need some suggestions please!

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  1. After the bell ringer, which sounds like a good warmup, why not have them make a picture with a list of required geometric objects, then on the back make a key for where are there three lines, right angle, parallel rays, etc. Then on the back, they have to make a key.

    Groups could check each others' work.