Solving Systems by Substitution Resources

I asked the #mtbos if anyone had resources for solving systems by substitution that is not a worksheet. I have some nicely scaffolded worksheets to introduce substitution and elimination in this unit so I don't want to worksheet them to death for practice. And maybe they won't need any more practice but every year is different.

I had a lot of great responses so I thought it was worth sharing here.

Desmos Line Zapper
-Submitted by @Leeanne Branham and @kathyhen_

Speed Dating:
Each pair solves and becomes an "expert" on a system that's printed on a slip of paper. Then one half of the class rotates by 1 seat, and the new pairs exchange problems and solve/check each other's work.
-Submitted by @KentHaines

You could do an Add ‘em up where they find the intersection point but only add up one of the values. I found one online, but I’m not sure who it came from
-Submitted by @KellyRLove21 and link from @strom_win

Multiple Representations
-Submitted by @msalgebrateachr

is a fun website of emoji puzzles, the medium difficulty level is perfect for practicing substitution method. Students get really into it, and you can have them create their own, and try and solve them.
-Submitted by @TollesSteiner

Scavenger Hunt
-Submitted by @adinam225

I make cut out pizzas, topping, and pizza order forms. Students have to work in a group to solve the system and figure how many if each topping goes on the pizza and deliver it. They get fake tip money for their fast and correct service.
-Submitted by @TopperMathClass

Algebra Tiles Visual Practice
-Submitted by @GenevaMath

There’s also a clue game out there that someone made a while back where students had to solve a system in a scenario to find the murderer, the weapon, and where the crime was committed. I’m not sure who created it though, but I used to use it when I taught algebra 1.
-Submitted by @KellyRLove21

The Great Collide (Desmos)
-Submitted by @AsymptoticLiz

Scavenger Hunt
-Submitted by Brandy Norwine

Scavenger Hunt
-Submitted by @PeterRobynson

Thanks for sharing everyone!

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