Weekly Wrap Up Questions

In the past few years, I've done daily bell ringers with a theme and weekly wrap up questions. Until this year, I had always done them on paper. I took home 100 papers every weekend to read and respond to the weekly wrap up questions.

This year, I wanted to use Google Classroom in every possible way.

Bell ringers and weekly wrap ups were my first victims.

I made individual bell ringer forms for each period.

I posted this at the beginning of the year and deleted responses every Monday.

For the weekly wrap up, I posted the first week of school and then updated every weekend.

In the first week, a student asked if I would keep numbering the weeks so I did; which also helped keep track of the question numbers.

I asked two every week, usually one silly and one more serious; usually only asking for an explanation on one of them.

Near the end of each quarter I asked more reflective questions. Sometimes I asked students for suggestions. Sometimes I answered the questions too; sometimes they asked me out loud.

What I LOVED about this so much is that this became a running conversation between me and each student in the private comments. We built on it. If I needed to address other topics, I could. For student who rarely talked out loud, I still got the chance to connect at least once a week. Since it was on my phone, I had nothing to carry home, I could respond while watching tv, riding in a car, taking a bath, lying in bed, etc.

For those of you looking for a way to build relationship, this is so easy and almost foolproof. If thinking of questions seems hard to you, you're in luck.

Here are most of the questions from this year.

Tip: If other people ask you about an idea more than once but it seems so obvious to you that it's hard to put into words- this is part of your gift.

Warning: Do not take this on if you do not plan on responding! They will hold you accountable!

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