Reflecting on my Awesomeness

I’ve been getting more and more irritated with little things in the last couple weeks. I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging my #onegoodthing. On New Years Day, I realized I really didn’t set any goals or  resolutions in 2017. I decided I was riding the high from a lot of personal success in 2016 and maintaining those successes.

So today seems like the perfect time to reflect on all the new things I’ve learned and tried and some subtle goals I achieved without explicitly stating them.

I’ve used Google Classroom:
  • On a daily basis
  • For bell ringers 
  • For weekly wrap ups
  • For binder checks
  • For semester reflections
  • For Homecoming surveys
  • For links to Desmos 
  • For assignments
  • For my mathematician project 
  • For Student Council
  • To post answer keys
  • Collaborative google slidesp

Outside of Google Classroom which was a big priority for me this year, I’ve also:
  • Regularly posted classroom photos for #teach180
  • Shared those photos on Facebook with parents/community
  • Made digital answer keys for INB pages so I no longer have to copy them myself
  • Returned quizzes/tests with problems left blank to students to attempt with a little prompting
  • Redid part of a test with the whole class when many bombed it
  • Used Desmos more than once in more than one class
  • Tried quizlet for the first time
  • Tried whiteboarding as a whole class activity
  • Continued my yearly goal of using less handouts than the previous year in every prep
  • Made my first anchor chart 
  • Used Factoring Friday’s 9-12 to fix gaps in Algebra II
  • Created a mathematician project based on diversity and student research 
  • In my syllabus I wrote that all quizzes were 20 points or less and that has unconsciously guided  me throughout the year
  • Used flippity.net to do VRG every two weeks
  • Sent in a proposal to present at TMC
  • Regularly been active on Twitter 
  • Made it farther through my pacing guide in every prep
  • Made a digital INB table of contents for each course for students to copy and that I can reuse 

Also I’ve noticed that each year I tackle a crappy lesson from the previous year and dissect it into tiny  pieces; usually coming up with an activity for each perceived stumbling block. It might take a whole week for one lesson but by golly everyone’s going to understand it! I’m proud of this and it is a continued goal I will pursue for the rest of my career.

Goals I want to think about this summer/implement next year:
  • Introduce debate through Google Classroom posts
  • Make (print, laminate, bind) a dry erase book from all of the dry erase templates I currently use  in a page protector (color coordinated by course)
  • Use my Remind app to send out Happy Birthday messages
  • Use the About tab on Google Classroom to post my “pinned” links and answer keys
  • Use the Google Classroom calendar to overview the week for students 
  • Having a quarterly retake day where every student has to retake at least one quiz to promote regular retakes throughout the year
  • Learn about flip grid 
  • Try/use/make interactive Google Slides

And as always:

  • Make things pretty
  • Make pretty things
  • Ask better questions
  • Build relationships 
  • Use my confidence to build others’
  • Remember how awesome I am! I’m good at this job! I love it! I’m always improving! I have a lot to offer! I have a lot to learn AND a lot to teach! 

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