Angle of Elevation and Depression

I posted a matching pieces activity for angle of elevation and depression for my #teach180 on Twitter and I can't believe I haven't already posted about this.

I start this lesson with the following INB notes:

We do a few more dry erase problems on the desk, which you can find in the PowerPoint or Notebook file below.

Then I passed out the pieces to cut. I gave them two minutes to cut. Only after that did I give them the handout. We sorted before they every got to glue. They are pretty easy to match up based on the numbers alone.

There is one error where a 140 should be a 1400. I found all of this stuff online and tried to make it my style. The answer keys are there but I only used 9 of the problems and in a different order. I don't suggest handing out or displaying the answer key.

Since there are only 8 pieces and 9 problems, they will have to draw in the one without a piece. Mostly this helps them 'see' the right triangle. 

I gave them 2 minutes to glue and then we did #6 and #8 together because they were tricky. They do the rest on their own. Depending on how that goes, I have another handout for more practice.

Everything is available for download below!



  1. Thank you for sharing! I really love the card sort idea. Some students have such a hard time trying to understand how these angles are drawn and this would help.

    1. So true- I also reassure them that there drawings are just right triangle so they don't get so overwhelmed. Hope it helps!