I am really feeling bitter toward my job and pretty much never wanting to do it again. I also really want to post a long list of all the things I am bitter about. But that isn't fair to anyone and doesn't help anyone.

I am determined to get back into my daily posting habit on #onegoodthing to help me stay positive and one of my New Year's resolutions is going to be giving at least 5 compliments a day. These are two things that I am in control of and will hopefully help me focus.

In another begrudging effort to also help me focus, I am going to dig deep and write a post about the parts of my job that I am thankful for. Here goes my attempt to begin a daily routine of thanksliving:

  • I have my own classroom to organize and decorate to my heart's content (the thing I wanted most as a child) 
  • Super cute office supplies, especially in chevron, teal, or lime green
  • Free technology: laptops, ipads, SMART boards, Kuta
  • Holidays and weekends off
  • Summer!
  • Snow days!
  • Predictable hours (in the school building of course)
  • It's never boring
  • Getting to constantly be creative: in lessons, in worksheets, in activities, in conversation, in explaining, in literally creating programs, invitations, flyers, events, Prom, Homecoming
  • Building relationships with students (really wish I could just spend all day talking to, asking and answering questions with them)
  • Papermate Flair markers and Pilot FriXion eraseable pens
  • Spirit week dress up days
  • Having a new start every period, day, week, quarter, semester, school year
  • Seeing self-created things go well in the classroom
  • Not having to wear a uniform to work or come home smelling like greasy food
  • Opportunities to make extra money through tutoring, summer school, coaching, subbing, etc
  • Insurance and retirement benefits
  • Direct deposit!
  • Pretty copy paper
  • Ability to requisition school supplies
  • Working less than 5 minutes from home
  • Knowing the entire faculty/staff and and every student in high school
  • Free PD and travel
  • Seeing your thoughts and ideas come to life
  • Not staring at a computer screen all day
  • Having routines
If you notice, most of them don't have do with the actual job of teaching but since that's currently what I am so unhappy with, I guess that's no surprise.

Carry on.


  1. Sometime when you're in the mood to do it, I'm curious about the things that are stressing you. I guess that almost sounds like I'm encouraging you to complain, but that's not my intent. I guess I'm just curious about the nature of the things that are causing stress. Teaching is a stressful profession. It's ok to acknowledge the frustration, but I also admire your attitude of trying to focus on the positive. :) Happy Monday!

    1. Well the short list is that I am overworked and under-supported. I am the only math teach so I have five preps. I am also the cheerleading coach and Student Council sponsor which means I put on Homecoming and Prom. I'm really hating my job because my teaching and pacing is so slow. I've been trying to align my curriculum with common core but it's hard because I don't really understand the standards or how to decide which ones go where. So I go to work everyday knowing I'm not teaching the right stuff. Then Friday I got called in to the office in a parent meeting where the superintendent told me I'm not assessing enough and not giving enough points. Basically he confirmed what I already know, my pacing is too slow. If you read my post "Teaching Data", you'll see my main concerns. So pretty much every day this year I wake up and go to school knowing I'm not doing a good job. So yeah...hard to feel like this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

    2. Since you are the only math teacher teaching 5 classes, is it safe to assume that all students take the same math classes? Meaning that there's not a different track for advanced students versus on-level or struggling students?

    3. All students take Algebra I in 8th grade. If they do well then they go on to Geometry in 9, Alg 2 in 10, and Trig in 11. If they don't do well then they go to Alg I again in 9, Geo in 10, and Alg 2 in 11.

      We just started offering an Alg 3 class this year for seniors who took Trig as Juniors and want another math class seniors.

      So Trig and Alg 3 classes are always small and that's the closest to tracking we do.

    4. It is nearly impossible to move any faster than you are when you have all levels in the same course. Has the administration been the same the whole time you've been there?

  2. That first sentence - SAME! I'm in a total rut with teaching. Having the 5 days off for Thanksgiving just made me feel it even more. Looking forward to reading about your progress. I hope we're both able to move forward in a positive direction.

  3. FriXion pens make everything better. Also bribing with scratch n' sniff stickers... Hope you get out of your rut. I just moved across the country for my husband's job and a position ended opening up in November. Never have j ever started mid-year, nor do I recommend it, but I will say some time off gave me some perspective on if teaching was it for me. Despite the stress and the constant work, it is so much more rewarding for me to be an educator rather than have a desk job or be a sub. Keep at it!

  4. I completely understand what you're feeling right now! I feel like everyday I come to work, it's another day that I'm failing. That's the only way I can describe it. I feel like I'm doing everything wrong, and since I'm also the only math teacher for our high school, I have no one to collaborate with. I have no idea if my pacing is correct, or if I'm going too slow or too fast through certain things. My lessons definitely suffer, too, because I have 5 preps and can't spend as much time as I'd wish on each class. There just simply isn't enough time in the day with that amount of work. :( Let's hope christmas break comes fast, because I know I definitely need the break, and it sounds like you do too!

    1. Sounds like we are twins. I also have five preps and not enough time but plenty of time to feel like I'm a terrible teacher. :(