Positive Polly

My sixth and weirdest year of teaching is almost over (20 more days!) and I need to remind myself of anything positive that I can.

  • This week we exited two different students from special education services because they are doing so well. Hooray!
  • The ASSET scores (entrance exam for our local community college) for my sophomores (majority in geometry, a handful in Algebra II) were higher than they've ever been with a large amount meeting or exceeding for college readiness. Hooray!
  • The year is almost over and I did not give up on Interactive Notebooks in every class, even my newest prep. Hooray!
  • Speaking of  my newest prep, I'm teaching trig and I didn't die! Hooray!
  • We are creating a senior math class because of student demand; the current option is a computer course and students wanted better. Hooray!
  • I stuck with Talking Points as a bell ringer even though it went poorly at first and some students actually like it. I'm not doing it correctly but I am consistent! Hooray!

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