Trig: Unit 2 Right Triangle Trig Interactive Notebook

Page 23-24 introduced the trig ratios used in right triangle trig. The triangle manipulative was made with transparencies and was stolen straight from here.

I made the bottom flaps myself.

These neon envelopes came from the Dollar Tree and I only have 8 trig students so each student got their 3 envelopes. I used Pam's trig ratio cards and wrote symbols in each corner. Students sorted into their envelopes. I later showed them the answers and they wrote the correct symbols on the envelopes so that they could later go back and quiz themselves.

Page 25-26 The LHP starts with students setting up the ratio without solving anything.

The RHP has them set up the ratio and solve.

Page 27-28 LHP Students set up the ratio for an angle without solving.

 RHP Students set up the ratio for an angle and use the inverse ratio to solve for the missing angle.

Page 29-30 LHP Students read the word problem and match it to the correct diagram, then write the variable in the correct place.

RHP Students draw their own diagram, write the variable in the correct place, and then choose the correct ratio and solve.

Page 31-32 We wrote what students might be given on baby post-its and then what method to start with underneath.

The actual solving triangles part of this was given to be by @rawrdimus. Thanks!

The right hand page was just me helping them to organize their work.

Here are the files.


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