Trig: Unit 1 Interactive Notebook

This is my first year teaching trig and so far I am terrified.

My first unit was all review from Algebra II and Geometry so that was a relief! (Shoutout to Meg for helping me write my pacing guide!)

This is also my first year using interactive notebooks and so far I am underwhelmed. I think they are awesome but I'm still not doing the best job at making them useful. Yet.

But alas I have finished my first unit and taking a cue after Sarah Hagan, I'm posting a unit at a time with lots of pictures!

Color coordinated table of contents and tab for every unit. *Note to self: color coordinate the pages in the INB with the TOC and tab.*

Page 7-8: Geo Review based on a worksheet sent to me from Justin Lanier.

Page 9-10: Radical foldables based on Sarah Hagan's Algebra II radical unit.

Page 11-12: I got this idea from Pinterest via this blog. I just made a6x6 circle in Microsoft Word and then we wrote on it. The right hand page came from a Kuta worksheet. I had them pick four problems and write them in themselves.

Page 13-14: I made this one myself after looking at a few different ones online. I made a Kuta worksheet and students folded it in half and taped it in for the right hand page.

Page 15-16: These two came straight from Jessie Hester's post.

Page 17-20: I used this post's idea for 45-45-90 triangles and then replicated that for 30-60-90 triangles as well. I teach these two concepts using proportions. So students figured out the ratios on their own. Then we used those on the RHPs to work out problems. I also color coded and wrote the side lengths directly under the angles to help them match corresponding sides.

Page 21-22: My first actual trig concept and I created it myself! I couldn't really find any good interactive notebook resources for converting between decimal degrees and degrees, minutes, seconds. So I looked in the book, watched some YouTube videos, and google until I finally created this. 

We lifted up the papers and worked problems from the text book underneath.

It's probably not a very important trig concept but I felt like it was easy enough and I have to ease myself into this trig stuff slowly.

So there.

Download my resources here.

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