Supplies Bag

So I have this genius idea, or so I think.

My desks have these little hangy things that I suppose are for backpacks which we don't allow in the classroom anyway.

I decided it would be a great idea to hang a supplies bag from the hook so that students would have everything they needed at their fingertips. I know it kind of reinforces laziness, but we waste so much time getting supplies and getting back to our seats that I'm okay with the tradeoff.


Using the supplies I already had, I filled the bags, trying to put two of most things in each bag. My students are seated in pairs so the hook is on the outside of one desk and the inside of the other. I decided to have one bag per pair of desks hanging on the outside so that I could better keep an eye on it. I also tried to find clear bags to make sure students weren't putting cell phones in there. Mine turned out kind of frosted but better than nothing I suppose.

I hung them up the last couple weeks of school just to test them out. It went okay after I explained a dozen times what they were for. I had one girl who just acted ridiculous about it and would set it on the floor every day and I had some people drop trash in them or every once in a while pull out something random and use it. But I caught them pretty quick and overall it went okay.

We didn't really use any of the stuff yet so I guess I will have to report back to you on that later. Here is a picture of what I included in each bag. Take note of the plasticware writing utensils.

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  1. Love it! I recently observed in a classroom where the teacher had zip-tied pencil bags to the desks. Same concept you have here. I hope to try something similar next year! Thanks for sharing!