Lee Jenkins

We had a teacher's institute with Lee Jenkins, From L to J Consulting. It was really good and I don't even know how to blog about all of it yet so I'm just going to post some good quotes for now.

The best way to do more in less time is to build a team.

Keep digging until you find the root cause.

The number one requirement of leaders is to create more leaders.

Data requires trends, not one or two data points.

Management means meeting individual needs; leadership means meeting common needs of the individual's.

A poorly designed skeleton cannot hold anything.

Ask why at least five times until you find out why.

Students are held accountable for short term memory but we're held accountable for their long term memory.

In this country, we don't know the difference between grade inflation and success.

The job of leaders is to remove barriers.

Great leaders offer hope and help. Poor leaders offer hoops and hype.

If barriers aren't removed, people give up or move on.

Kids who don't understand math are not seeing the pattern. Without the pattern, they just try to memorize rules.

It is not the responsibility of educators to motivate students but to determine what is causing them to lose their motivation and stop such practices.

Fair is every kid meeting the same standard, but not always the same method.

Better systems equal better results.

Celebrate does not mean reward.

People need a point for there head and a picture for their heart.

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