Week 35

The one with all the Geometry.

I don't know if I actually hate geometry or if I just intensely love Algebra but the end of the year in Geo is just a blur to me. So without further ado, here are the links sans comments.

Parts of a Circle, Quiz
Properties of Tangents, Worksheet
Arcs and Chords
Arcs and Central Angles
Inscribed Angles, Worksheet
Equation of a Circle
Properties of Chords
Circles Jeopardy Review
Circles Quiz


  1. Literally anything I find of yours that I can apply in my classroom is the most helpful thing I've ever found. You are one amazing teacher! I hope once I become a little more seasoned (it's only my first year) I can have an archive remotely as wonderful as yours.

  2. Sabine,
    What a nice comment! I assure you I definitely felt the same way as you during my first year. I felt like I grew an intense amount from year 2 to 3 thanks to blogging and twitter. Steal every idea you can and stay involved with other math teachers. They are life savers!