Week 29-31

Somehow my timing got off in my weekly recaps so I'm just going to lump things together and hope it makes sense. It didn't really take me three weeks to do exponent rules but I've been lazy in my blogging and at least this gives me a general timeline to go by next year.

In my last post, I mentioned my exciting introduction to exponents. My 8th grade algebra class absolutely loved the activity and wanted me to hide post-it notes for the next week or so. My freshman algebra class thought it was stupid but went along with me. From there though, they really struggled with the concepts. I went to fast and when it came to applying the rules, they were lost. Figuring out the rule wasn't too bad but using them, especially more than one a time, was a disaster. So after uselessly practicing and practicing, I had to take a step back, break it down into separate lessons and separate days and take things one step at a time.

Now that I say that, I realize I never formally taught the division rule, but it was sprinkled throughout. Here is negative exponents rule and notes, multiplication properties, graphic organizer, and mini mini quiz. I also went here for homework worksheets and here for tons of review games.

After reading Riley Lark's post about team testing (literally like the day after I read it) I was intrigued and wanted to try it. So what had happened was....this was my original exponent quiz.  And consequently...I forgot to finish it. So I'm printing it out -.01 minutes before I'm actually giving the quiz when I panic at the sight of this backless monstrosity. Quick as lightning, I google exponent quiz and abracadabra- an experiment is born. I made this and passed it off as a team quiz. And apparently it was super easy because they asked if they could do every single problem for extra credit. I took a minute to think about this and decided that if they wanted to do extra work in order to completely convince me that they know what they are doing...I'm okay with that.

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