Looking Ahead

Things I Will Do Next Year:

Standards-Based Grading

Things I Want To Do Next Year:

Organize my desk drawer (It's too late for this year.)

Actually pass back graded work.

Reading time at the end of class.

Offer math puzzle worksheets for students to turn in for bonus points.

Ask an ACT question every day on my warm ups starting from day 1.

Put more emphasis on using what you know as clues to solving what you don't know. Can I set up my entire class as a mystery?

Not collecting homework but giving homework quizzes to formatively assess.

Rearrange my room.

The Idea Box!

Folders for Absentee Quizzes

Review games other than review basketball

Way more writing about concepts, processes, and basically everything

Celebrate Pi Day in class

Math T-Shirts

Introduce TI-83 calculators in every class at the very beginning of the year.

Things I Will Do Again Next Year:

Two nice things for every mean comment

Making students pay for each cuss word (except that I will use the money to buy classroom supplies)

Celebrity/Student Baby Trivia

Folders for Absentee Work

Streamers in the door way

Pictures on the bulletin board

Have students tell me about their weekends on Mondays

Review Basketball

Be Recommended for Rehire!

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