I've spoken before about how I know 100% that I am in the place I need to be.

I would like to honor the one who made it happen for me.

To all teachers out there, you should be jealous of me. I'm not even a first year teacher and I have been blessed beyond measure. My administrators told me that if it was up to them alone, they wouldn't even post the job opening, they would just offer it to me.

I told them I wanted a SMART board, and they made it happen.

They're already sending me to Professional Development, and I don't even work there yet.

They've allowed me to choose what classes I want to teach. And I got to pick out my own textbooks.

They're already ordering the supplies and things I've requested.

The guidance counselor keeps me updated on my class size and I am able to work with her to decide who should be moved, kept, etc.

My plan period is the hour before lunch. + Bonus +

The administration is recommending that the school board hire me pending my certification in April.

And the students....I can't even explain to you the favor I've found with them. I am literally bombarded with hugs and hello's no matter where I go.

They remember the outfits I wear. They constantly compliment me on my shoes, shirts, pants, hair, jewelry, nails, pretty much my entire everything.

When they find out that I'm their the sub, the following are shouted in the halls....

"Yes! Our teacher isn't here and we have a substitute! And it's the cool one!"

"You mean it's a 12:00 day and our teacher isn't here and you're our sub? This is the best day ever!"

"We get to play? You're the best teacher EVER!"

"I actually understand it when you teach me."

Honestly, I have so many students who love to joke with me, tell me stories, and just want to be near me. I love talking to them, teasing them, and just being real with them. They brighten my day, make me laugh, and love me. The least I can do is return the favor.

This is what it's like to be in the Lord's will for your life. I've spent my whole life preparing for this and I'm reaping the rewards before I've even started to sow. Obedience brings blessing. Four years of college and thousands of dollars are already paying off. The Lord brought me here. He paved the way, escorted me down it, stood beside me when I wanted to run, waited while I caught up, and cheered me over the finish line.

The finish line is just the beginning. I'm at the end of what I need and at the beginning of what I need to give.

I would never have made it without Him. Everything I have is because He valued me enough to give it. I don't deserve this. I could never be a good enough teacher to deserve it. I can't even begin to do this without Him. He's given me the gift, the opportunity, and the reward.

All I have to do is teach.

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