When you have all of your work done for the upcoming week (go me!) it leaves time to do things you really love...like decorating.

I posted about my pong game forevvvvver ago and it's one of my classics and student favorites. After seven years of playing it, students have finally figured out to toss it underhanded. Now that the secret is out, it's gotten a lot easier.

So I figure it was time to up the stakes. And I finally made it look pretty which should surprise no one.

I used shelf liner on the lid from a copy paper box. Then I made cards with different point amounts and taped them to the bottom. I hot glued the cups down and well, just look at it...

...Makes my heart happy.

A couple years back I posted about my teacher tool box that I keep supplies in. I redid them with new scrapbook paper and changed some of the things I was storing.

If you can't tell, I love chevron.

Like a lot.

A LOT a lot.

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