Law of Cosines Review Game

This is not much to share but if it helps someone else not have to do it themselves, then I have succeeded. =)

I taught Law of Cosines and the next day used this to practice.

I play a game called pong where students bounce a ping pong ball off a desk into a cup. Each cup is a different color and different point value. Most students are terrible at it because they throw it overhand (I don't know what game they would have learned that from) instead of bouncing it underhand. It frustrates them because they think they will be amazing at it and then it takes the whole class period for them to score even one time.

But it can be used for any game you want. There are 12 questions. Click a number on the home screen. Problem pops up. Click again to show the answer. Click the home button to return to the home screen.

The end.

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