Geometry Unit 6: Quadrilaterals Interactive Notebook

Pg 59-60 You might have seen this RHP on Pinterest which I modeled it after and tried to use the graphic organizer on the LHP to reinforce things we drew. I did not implement this well because students copied it without discussion. For some reason, I thought they would look back and get all this meaning from it when we didn't spend any time creating any meaning. =(

Pg 61-62 These pages came after this activity from Pam to reinforce the different properties of diagonals and then using those properties to solve algebraic problems.

Pg 63-64 I know I found theses somewhere online but don't know where. I don't think they were super useful, I think I was desperate for something to use.

After this I also did interior angle sum and exterior angles but I have no pictures to share.

Here are the files:


  1. I'm looking forward to use these activities in my class next year.

  2. Many of the pages you used and then referenced here are mine from my blog. You may not have found them to be super useful but I did with my students. They worked great for my students and they had no troubles going back and using it for reference. When we created the right hand page for the quadrilaterals, all the information written was done by the students telling me the properties based on using rulers and protractors. I didn't tell them anything.

    In regards to the Trapezoids, that is also mine and we made them into cards that students used when they were working out other problems. It helped teach them how to set up problems and then solve for missing parts.

    1. I did not present them in a useful way. Like I mentioned, I basically had students just copy the properties down without making any meaning out of it.